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Has your parent been acting strange? -- read an excerpt on dementia from the book "Helping Your Aging Parent"

Prevent Alzheimer's and dementia, find new health studies of dietary supplements that can help.

Nursing Homes -- What you should know before you send off your parent to an expensive nursing home. Read an excerpt from the book "Helping Your Aging Parent"

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Help Your Aging Parent!


Helping Your Aging Parents

"Helping Your Aging Parent: A Step-by-Step Guide" by: William J. Grote

If you're a baby boomer and your aging parent is getting old, it doesn't take long for emergencies to start happening. This step-by-step manual helps you figure out if and when your aging parent needs your help. Then it walks you through how to help them through every step of the caregiving process -- from the initial doctor visit to finding a nursing home and arranging for hospice.

Filled with checklists, forms and practical experiences from the trials of someone who has been there. Includes a FREE CD-ROM with sample forms, checklists, and links to helpful Websites. Find out more about Helping Your Aging Parent.


Growing old as a boomer is not easy and neither is taking care of your aging parents -- especially when you may have your own career to tend to, along with kids, or grandkids to raise and care for. Especially when you may be scrimping and saving for a retiement of your own.

How can you tell if your aging parents are in need your help? If they do actually need your help, how do you step in to offer them assistance? It may seem easy, but often it's not.

Does your aging parent really need an expensive nursing home? Are there less expensive alternatives available?

What studies have shown that certain medications or dietary supplements can actually improve senior health? Which vitamins have proven worthless?

How can you tell if your aging parent is developing symptoms of senile dementia, or vascular dementia?

What do you do if your parents don't want, or appreciate your help?

Here is helpful information and plenty of resources for helping your aging parents. Check out the Boomer Bookstore for amazing deals on books that will help and carefully guide you through the process of caring for your aging parents.

Below are FREE forms in Rich Text from the book Helping Your Aging Parent that you can download and put to use in helping your aging parent!

Parent Health Evaluation Checklist
Family Enlistment Form
Parent's Doctor's Form
Family Medical History
Sample Life Directive
Sample Death Directive
Evaluation Checklist for a Senior Apartment
Evaluation Checklist for an Independent-Living Retirement Home
Evaluation Checklist for Residential Board & Care Facility
Monthly Income & Expense Worksheet
Drug Allergy Notice for Hospital
Warning Signs of Dementia or Mental Illness
Nursing Home Evaluation Checklist 1
Nursing Home Evaluation Checklist 2
Nursing Home Evaluation Checklist 3
Nursing Home Assessment Meeting Questions
Hospice Checklist
Do Not Resuscitate Order
Memorial/Funeral Service Planning Checklist
Post Death Checklist